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Making a mark in the industry 

Jessie Jukebox is an exciting new American music artist set on making waves in the industry. Strong will and determination have pushed Jessie forward, but raw talent has kept this singer, songwriter strong and alive. Jessie boasts a versatile sound and broad fan base. For bookings, schedules, and more information get in touch today.



Music That Tells a Story

Check out the music released by Jessie Jukebox from 2019 to present. Cherished and admired by fans around the nation, Jessie Jukebox has created an impressive resume and an ever-growing fanbase. Entertaining and original, Jessie Jukebox, raises the bar with every new release. To inquire about bookings, guest appearances, or interviews get in touch today.

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No Love 2
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Mr. Cool Feat. Y$TRESS & Chilly


Jessie Jukebox opens up 2021 with a smash.  Once again mixing R&B Soul with his own hiphop flavor.  The song entitled "Mr. Cool" featuring up and coming rappers YStress and Chilly checks off all of the boxes.  This Song will have you singing along to the melodic hook and rapping to the clever lyrics laid over a perfectly crafted track.

Too Much


Latest single released by Jessie that’s heating up the streets produced by GIMOW (Daryle Jackson Jr.)

No Love 2: The Birth Of Jukebox


Full length album that is led by hit singles like "Use To" and "No Love".

Use To


Hit single from Jessie Jukebox Featuring Lee Bands

No Love


This single exhibits Jessie’s ability to rap and sing over a hip hop influenced track. This raw and relatable take on a relationship gone bad will leave listeners begging for more.



 Where It All Began

Jukebox or Jessie Eugene Williams III, was born April 22, 1990 in Houston, TX.  Jessie Jukebox is a singer, songwriter, dancer and music producer. Starting out at an early age, Jessie followed in the footsteps of his parents Jessie and Paulette Williams who both performed at various local churches in the Houston area. Mentored by his father, Jessie started off learning how to set up sound equipment and operated the sound boards at local shows his parents performed.  One day his father requested him to join him on stage and perform a song in front of the audience, “Rockin Robin” by the Jackson 5 was the tune. That moment lit the fire in young Jessie.

In 2006, inspired by artists like Michael Jackson, Ne-yo, and Usher. He began vocal training with know other than Italy’s own Mark Swindler. Over the next 4 years he work tirelessly to improve himself as a vocalist. Eventually this helped him earn the opportunity to join the honors and all-state choir, all while balancing out several stage plays, musicals and a full time mixed martial arts training. Jessie caught his first taste of success when he competed nationally in the solo and ensemble competition where he received gold superior rating in the 2008 and 2009 competitions. 

In 2010, Jessie collaborated with Team Network Circle (TNC), which included various multi-talented artists. Together with TNC, Jessie successfully performed at various local venues such as the Iguana Lounge, Red Cat Jazz Café, Roxxy, and Club Boss, during which he began dabbling in songwriting. At age 20 Jessie has already completed 3 full length Albums with all original music. With that experience under his belt he started on his path as an independent artist.  Jessie had opportunities to collaborate  with different local Artist such as “Dj Hardhittaz” from Coast2Coast mixtapes, Dub Ace, Citiboi Flamez, and Ray LA. 

On November 20, 2013 at age 22, Jessie’s life was changed forever with the birth of his son. To insure good fortune and security for his family Jessie put his music career on hold and began a career in logistics. Making a good name for himself as a family man, Jessie never lost the passion for what he felt he was truly made for. So when little Jessie reached the age of 1 Jessie  jukebox decided he was ready to re-establish is journey as a music artist again. Now in the year 2015, the once locally famous Jessie Jukebox returns to the music scene with a new sound and new experiences to show the world what he was born to do.  

As Jessie’s journey continued into 2016 where he started the Project for NO LOVE.  A compilation album that bolstered different relationship experiences packaged into 8 very personal songs . While maintaining his day job, Jessie hit the night club scene honing his skills performing.  Most of 2017 he performed songs from the unreleased album. Finally releasing the first version of the No Love single to the public he was able to use the free and local services of SoundCloud to promote it. To Jessie’s  surprise he received a lot of traction with his single. In 2018 he was presented with a nomination for male R&B singer of the year for the Broadcast Houston Awards.  After winning the award for the NO LOVE project.

After seeing some success with his first effort Jessie started work on his official sophomore album to be named NO LOVE 2. This project came out of nowhere, while on Nightshift Jessie continued writing songs, and these songs were even more personal. Jessie’s first single was a remix of the title song from his first album. This version of No Love was more raw and revealed a side of Jessie that no one had ever seen before.


Press Releases

Hype Magazine

The Hype Magazine

#1 Digital Magazine in the world since 2002!

Who is Jessie Jukebox, written by Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson.

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The Makin’ it Magazine 

Jessie Jukebox Comes In With A Bang

Jessie Jukebox is a singer based in Houston Texas raised in show business. Singing, dancing, rapping and etc..


Lasting Impact

Jessie Jukebox's latest song "Too Much" is a straight banger. The futuristic vibes of the beat and the cadence of Jessie's lyric delivery make this a must add to your playlist.



Creative Synergy

Houston Rapper Jessie Jukebox Making Waves In The Music Industry


Concert Crave Presents

Artist Showcase - Houston Texas Edition

Come out and support Jessie Jukebox as he hits the stage as a featured artist.  With a host of other talent performers also hitting the stage it's bound to be a truly lit event!  Saturday February 6th is the date and White Oak Music Hall is the place.  Doors open a 4pm CST.

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